I-Creative Executive Team


Dear parents,

i-Creative Learner (i-CL) celebrates its 23rd anniversary this year and we are ever grateful for all the support that parents have consistently shown us over the years. For more than 2 decades, we have flourished because of our wonderful Winning Parents who have actively recommended the programme to their family and friends. I am truly thankful for your support.

As we celebrate more than twenty years of developing thousands of Winning Kids into above-average performers shining in the marketplace, it is important to be reminded of the foundational principles and vision that have driven i-CL since its inception in 1994.

i-CL had started as a network of teachers and homemakers with a conviction that early childhood education and primary school enrichment support was imperative to ensure that our children excelled in school and, more importantly, developed a desire to learn. Today, i-CL is a Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) registered institution and we are confident that our programme develops all-rounded learners, excellent in both written and oral communication. Our materials are also kept up-to-date and we take pride in being one of the first enrichment centres to have already incorporated the changes to be made to the PSLE 2015 into our curriculum.

Few educators would argue against the importance of early childhood education and the necessity of being literate in English when confronting academic challenges in school. i-CL’s mission is to partner with parents in Singapore to accelerate their children’s development into proficient users of English. Our set coursework is designed not only to give students all the tools they would need to excel academically but to rope parents in to being active participants in their child’s life during the child’s developmental years.

i-CL’s drive to raise education standards is also firmly coupled with the commitment to keep enrichment accessible. In my 37 years of experience as an educator, my concern extends particularly to parents who are not proficient in English and children from relatively less eminent social backgrounds. Studies have shown that both the lack of opportunity and a child’s environment at home are strong determinants for how that child performs at school in later years. It is my belief that no child’s academic potential should be limited by circumstance and it is i-CL’s commitment to keep enrichment accessible to every community in Singapore.

At the foundation of it all, i-CL programmes develop a love for reading in children. A person’s ability to understand the world and harness the opportunities it has to offer is heavily impacted by his/her access to knowledge. Personal development is also impacted by a person’s capacity for knowledge. There is no adequate substitute for reading and I firmly encourage parents to seek all ways to instill or awaken a love for the written word in their children.

All parents are assured that a willingness to partner with Winning i-CL Teachers and Principals in their child’s development guarantees results. Winning Graduates thrive as creative, confident and independent learners.

I hope that every Winning Parent with i-CL will experience the joys of seeing their children succeed. On behalf of every principal, teacher and staff member in i-CL, I wish you and your family all the best in all endeavours.



Mrs Treaz Tan

Chief Principal and Founder



Mrs Treaz Tan
CEO, Chief Principal and Founder


i-Creative Learner Hub (Clementi West)

Flagship Hub

Ministry of Education Registered Hub and Teachers


Ms Michelle Joycelyn Tan
Managing Director


i-Creative Learner Hub (Everton Park)

i-Creative Learner Hub (Chai Chee) 

i-Creative Learner Hub (Bedok North)
Ministry of Education Registered Hub and Teachers – Reg No. 3440

i-Creative Learner Hub (Chai Chee) 

Ministry of Education Registered Hub and Teachers

“At the core of i-CL’s vision is a heartbeat for the nation and a real commitment to developing a strong English literacy foundation in every child who enters the i-CL classroom. As a pioneer Winning Kid (graduated in 1996), it is an honour to now work with experienced and outstanding team members who are dedicated to excellence. This team is also ever-ready to welcome individuals who are looking to build a meaningful career investing into the lives of others.”


Ms Amy Lee

iCL Trained and Certified Associate – i-CL 2002010

i-Creative Learner Hub (West Coast)
Ministry of Education Registered Hub and Teachers – Reg No. 3795

“It is enriching to teach children because their unconfined humour and imagination remind us all of a world of boundless possibilities. Developing a child’s confidence to harness these natural abilities is integral to the mission of transforming him/her into an excellent creative thinker and writer. As an educator, spurring students on to becoming outstanding individuals who are able to make key contributions to society makes my work extremely meaningful”


Mrs Elaine Chan

iCL Trained and Certified Associate – i-CL 2001006

i-Creative Learner Hub (Ang Mo Kio)
Ministry of Education Registered Hub and Teachers – Reg No. 3439

“It is my privilege to play an important role in developing literacy in my students. Watching Winning Students respond and improve under my instruction consistently encourages me to give even more to keep my lessons interesting and to ensure that each Winning child acquires the skills necessary to make outstanding progress in school.”   


Mrs Mary Cha

iCL Trained and Certified Associate –  i-CL 2012006

i-Creative Learner Hub (Hougang Ave 3)
Ministry of Education Registered Hub and Teachers – Reg No. 3655

“A child’s development is akin to the process of flowers budding.  Both children and flowers are fragile and require the right kind of care and attention to release their fullest potential. i-CL leverages on a child’s keenness to learn and explore by keeping the learning process interactive and interesting. I find it rewarding to be part of my students’ lives and have a hand in nurturing them into confident and creative lifelong learners.”


Mrs Angie Ho

iCL Trained and Certified Associate – i-CL 1997002

i-Creative Learner Hub (Hougang Ave 1)
Ministry of Education Registered Hub and Teachers – Reg No. 3841

“Investing into the lives of children at an early age is of utmost importance because children pick up language skills most efficiently during their formative years. Here at i-CL Hub Hougang Ave 1, my entire team of dedicated teachers endeavours to develop strong English foundations in our Winning Students through delivering fun and interesting lessons. It is our mission to partner with parents to nurture children in our community into independent learners with curious minds and strong literacy skills.”  


Mrs Ivy Kung

iCL Trained and Certified Associate –  i-CL 2004015

i-Creative Learner Hub (Tiong Bahru)
Ministry of Education Registered Hub and Teachers – Reg No. 3833

“Hearing my Winning Students express how much they have enjoyed their lessons infuses my work with great meaning and joy. I am consistently encouraged by both the enthusiasm of my students and the support from their parents to improve my teaching methods. Accelerating my Winning Students’ English literacy development is a mission that I am resolutely committed to.”


Mrs Angelia Lim

iCL Trained and Certified Associate –  i-CL 2012006

i-Creative Learner Hub (AMK Mayflower)
Ministry of Education Registered Hub and Teachers – Reg No. 3655

“Every child is an individual and has needs to be met for him to shine as an excellent student. While i-CL coursework hands achild the correct tools to achieve mastery in English, it is the i-CLteacher who kindles a love for learning in Winning Kids by beingsensitive to each child’s individuality and by creating a stimulating learning environment. I am confident that all Winning Kids will graduate from i-CL Hub (AMK Mayflower) strong and inspired to scale great heights in their academic journeys beyond the time spent with us.”



Mrs Liny Burhan
Lead Administrator
Student Affairs