Frequently Asked Questions (Pre-school Winning Foundation)

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Pre-school Winning Foundation

A small group of 8 students.

To ensure a day and time of your choice, we advise you to register early. We take in registration as early as two years before your child’s commencement at Nursery 2.

Usually by April in the year the child turns 4.

The child must be able to recognise or name all the 26 letters in the English alphabet both in the upper and lower cases. An ability to write at this stage is not a criteria but child should be able to grasp the writing tool firmly enough to begin with writing. Be advised to provide child with lots of colouring practises.

One and a half hours per lesson, once a week.

As early as three months into the programme.

Habits formed at a young age will stay with a child for a lifetime. The objective of teaching reading in the WF5 is to so empower the children with literacy skills that reading not only becomes second nature to them but also a passion.

No. We realized that “readers” have limitations. Very often they are confined to simple sentences and the repetition of words in their already short stories. This impedes imagination and expression of ideas.

Definitely. We regularly review our catalogue and update our inventory of reading materials.

Our Winning Parents are advised to spend a few 10-minute sessions daily, going through the assigned reading materials.
In general Winning Parents are advised to spend as much time as the child wants, reading or sharing a book with them consistently and on a daily basis.

The ability to pick up any reading material or article and read easily with good understanding skill. Our 5 year-olds are eager readers of road signs, brochures, signboards and posters too.

While phonics is important for decoding or sounding out words, alone, it does not make a fantastic reader out of your child. Reading must be taught using a balanced approach and be combined with the learning of other related skills and decoding strategies. As such, our curriculum covers and works to strengthen all areas of reading especially spelling and a keen interest in writing.

Well-trained, dedicated, friendly, approachable and they deliver effectively.

Many parents have given feedback that it is very effective because it takes into consideration the individual needs of each child. Most of our students enrol on the strength of an excellent referral from past and present Winning Parents.

Our track record since 1994 speaks for itself. We have on file many good testimonials from Winning Parents.

The qualifications of our teachers range from Diploma to Masters. In addition, we ensure that our teachers have a high standard of proficiency in the English language.

Good to ensure that a child is not reading merely by memory or by sight recognition alone. So unless the child is exceptionally fluent in reading and has no issues with decoding words and fully understand the content of what she/he reads at point of admission, we recommend an advanced reading programme for him/her.