Frequently Asked Questions (Primary Winning Courses)

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Primary Winning Courses

Learning is a continuous journey, especially so in the case of English in the context of the Singapore Educational System. Moving on to Primary level enrichment simply reinforces what has been started with the Foundation programme, and is highly recommended.

Of course, having kids start with the Super Foundation programme would definitely give them the necessary head start in the learning of English. However, the Primary enrichment is built in such a way that it allows the teacher to adapt it to benefit an individual child, whether or not he/she comes direct from the Winning Ways programme. We believe that in education and in the learning of English, it should always be a case of better late than never!

Again, our teachers are experienced child educators, and they are trained to ensure both Winning and non-Winning kids can come together to reinforce and enhance each other’s learning experience. Remember, English is alive, and learning is best served by usage through interaction.

From past experience, we have not seen a need to do so as our programme is structured in such a way that allows our experienced teachers to play a key role in ensuring that kids of different ability can come together yet learn at their own pace. They will also continually apprise parents of the individual child’s progress in class and render advice on what parents can do to further enhance and promote the child’s learning of the language.

As explained above, i-Creative Learner classes are not delivered on a 1-to-1 basis but kept at a comfortable number of 8 students to a class (in a student-centred learning environment) to ensure students maintain the hunger for learning throughout the 2 hours through supervised interaction.

Classes held at most tuition centres tend to be focused on rigid and intensive drilling, and many kids have developed an aversion to such methods/environment. This might be fine for subjects that stress formulaic knowledge absorption such as Mathematics and Science, but not for English. i-Creative Learner lessons are designed to enrich and empower the child to use the language confidently, not drill-feed.

Apart from our teachers’ own teaching credentials and experience, they are also in-house trained to teach the i-Creative Learner curriculum. They are experienced not just in teaching English but in working with children and are able to create an environment that promotes and inspires learning (rather than one that forces a child to learn and in so doing, kills the interest for the language.)

The i-Creative Learner programme has benefited thousands of children through the years it has been in operation. Our parent-testimonials speak volumes of the positive outcomes. Although countless many have experienced this as a direct improvement through better marks, this is not the first and only objective of i-Creative Learner, which is to create joy in the learning of English. The positive results go far beyond the examination results.

Yes, it is. The i-Creative Learner programme has been tweaked and fine-tuned over the years, and in our experience, a 2-hour session per lesson is just right.

Weak children will learn differently from stronger ones, but the important thing is they will still learn. The i-Creative Learner programme allows children to progress at their own pace, moderated by the teachers’ experience. Much like sitting for an open-book exam, children will be taught to think creatively and objectively. Copying is discouraged. Instead, i-Creative Learner’s teachers are trained to engage and guide the child to bring out his/her level best.

For children who have been in the i-Creative Learner lower primary enrichment classes, moving on to upper primary in i-Creative Learner is a natural progression that allows the concepts in and appreciation of English to be brought to the next level. Having established a firm grounding in the English foundation at the lower primary levels, classes in upper primary i-Creative Learner encourages further expression of these concepts especially in the areas of comprehension and creative writing. All these are taken to a higher order of learning and critical thinking, which are expected of students at the upper primary level in both the spoken and written form.

While i-Creative Learner has never been a direct tool towards PSLE Examinations, the benefits it brings to the i-Creative Learner student is immeasurable. Our extensive coverage of the English Language serves to reinforce the concepts learned in schools and more. In all English-based subjects such as Science, Mathematics and of course, English, the i-Creative Learner student typically demonstrates superior grasping of concepts, understanding of questions and better expression in their answers. The results and achievements by our PSLE students (not just in the subject of the English Language per se) speak for themselves.

PSLE English Examination tests (inter-alia) reading, writing and speaking skills in addition to the mechanical and grammatical aspects of the English Language. In our i-Creative Learner Programme, we put emphasis in the areas of Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Writing Skills (all of which are crucial in the students’ preparation of their academic examinations).

Our course contents (which are current and relevant) are formulated to help students develop a maturity level that is required to enable them to respond to the challenges of comprehension at the Upper Primary Level. In this respect, all successful i-Creative Learner students will easily demonstrate improvement in the areas of analysing, understanding, synthesizing, critical reading and evaluating. They would have been taught not only how to write inspiringly and creatively but to do so with an eye for detail and clarity. Their written essays would have also displayed originality and logic. Students with a good grasp of the English Language will inevitably also show an improved ability to field questions in all English-based exams such as Science and Mathematics. This is another value i-Creative Learner brings to the students in our enrichment classes.

As described above, what will set a successful i-Creative Learner child apart from others is an increased confidence in the usage of the English Language in both the spoken and written form. Our programme does not end at or with exam achievements. Our i-Creative Learner child is an independent learner who understands and treasures the gift of literacy – and is constantly on the quest for knowledge in the unending journey of learning.

It is i-Creative Learner’s firm belief that every child should ‘start early and finish strong’. We cannot emphasise enough how very important it is to give a child an early head start in building up a strong English foundation. Our winning kids who have been with us since pre-school have emerged strong in their language foundation and this has evidently put them in good stead when they enter primary education. Our programme is systematically structured to take the child from their early literacy years right through their primary school education. Each phase is carefully structured to progressively help the child meet the challenges expected of them at the respective levels. Whilst as educators we do believe it is never too late to learn, we would like to reiterate the importance of starting early in order to put the literacy processes and language skills into place to meet the challenges of the primary levels. A child coming into the programme only at the Upper Primary Level may not be able to enjoy the full development and progress that an i-Creative Learner Winning Kid will. Progress at this stage may vary and be measured. For that matter, expectations of progress at this late-stage would have to be realistic. As a matter of experience, students from our winning foundation programme definitely have an added advantage and edge over non-winning kids. They are generally better able not just to cope with the challenges and demands of the language, but to excel in so doing – all this is made possible by an early head start!

Reading in itself is something that will vary in usefulness to each individual. However, often associated with the reading habit is undeniably, the ability to better understand everyday situations, especially current affairs. This can stimulate the child’s thinking processes and development in many ways. Hence, reading should be a habit cultivated in children as early as possible. At i-Creative Learner we make it a priority to instil in the children, a love for reading. This is further encouraged and sustained through the innovative use of our content materials.

Apart from our teachers’ own teaching credentials and experience, they are also in-house trained to teach the i-Creative Learner curriculum. Our i-Creative Learner teachers are able to create a learning environment that both promotes and inspires learning.

We have more than two decades of success accredited to our i-Creative Learner programme which has benefitted so many children. Our parent-testimonials speak volumes of the positive outcomes. Although countless many have experienced this as a direct improvement in exam grades, this is not the first and only objective of i-Creative Learner, which is to create joy in the learning of English. The improvement goes far beyond the examination results.