Age group (3.5 – 6 yrs old)

i-CL provides trusted programmes that have been continuously improved over the span of 20 years since the institution’s inception.
Trust us to deliver on our guarantee that your child will be a reader by 5, and a creative writer by 6.

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Winning Foundation 5 is the foundation programme that kick-starts your child’s learning of the English language. Your child will graduate from this course able to read with good understanding and have strong critical listening, thinking and comprehension skills. Winning Kids also graduate with a strong grasp of phonics and spelling.

Course outline

Winning Preparatory Primary K2 is the graduating program for Winning Kids who have completed the Winning Foundation 5 K2 successfully. The programme augments the knowledge and skills that Winning Kids have already developed. Winning Kids will explore creative writing and other aspects of English grammar and usage.

Course outline

Winning Crash is iCL’s compressed version of the Winning Way Super Foundation 5 for late intakes, particularly children who are already in K1.

The curriculum focus parallels the WW5 programme but coursework is abridged from the original 3-year programme.

Course outline