Winning Foundation 5

Read by 5, write by 6



The Winning Foundation 5 is i-CL’s flagship foundation programme designed to ensure that children in Singapore develop the necessary literacy and cognitive skills to excel in learning through primary school. This programme follows English letters and sounds framework, synthetic phonics guidance and incorporates essential skills that children need to develop before entering primary school. Enrolment into the programme opens two years in advance for a specific cohort. This is not a mixed age course.

The full five-stage programme is a two-year, once-a-week course that runs on a school-term schedule. Children begin on the course when they are in early N2 and graduate into the Winning Preparatory Primary in early K2. Apart from a thorough breakdown and study of phonics and phonology through the use of engaging strategies, children participate in activities that develop logic, creative thinking and oral skills on a weekly basis. Lessons are structured to be developmentally appropriate and each succeeding stage augments the previous.

The low teacher-to-student ratio of a maximum of 8 children to a teacher, ensures that the programme is implemented effectively with delineated goals and objectives achieved. Teachers are also able to tailor the pace of the class according to the needs of the children.

Parental support is critical in ensuring the successful completion of the Winning Foundation 5 and more importantly, the development of an emotionally complete and confident child. Given the short contact hours, home reinforcement is critical to a child’s progress. Regular feedback from teachers will be provided to parents with instruction on how learning should be reinforced at home with short fun activities. These activities are designed to encourage  bonds between parent and child.

i-CL’s team is overseen by an interdisciplinary team of professionals and teachers are trained to be cognisant of specific markers that measure a child’s learning progress throughout the course. Children are able to read by the fourth stage of the programme and begin summary writing in the fifth stage.

With our programme, every child will develop super spelling skills, a love for reading, a confidence to speak their minds and a strong assurance in their ability to learn.



Curriculum brochure:

+ Critical listening
+ Critical thinking
+ Comprehension
+ Phonics
+ Reading
+ Spelling