Age group (7 – 12 yrs old)

i-CL’s primary programmes are designed to develop your child into a knowledge-hungry reader with a deep interest in understanding the world with accuracy.
Trust us to undergird your child’s learning with a strong English literacy foundation and the ability to overcome every academic challenge faced in school.

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Lower Primary Winning Enrichment programme is for students in Primary 1 to 3.

The coursework places a strong emphasis on creative writing and comprehension. Winning Students are taught to break away from producing uninspired compositions and will graduate with clear, vivid and lively writing styles.

Comprehension skills are also strengthened as students are taught to recognise the potential pitfalls when attempting comprehension practices.

Weekly grammar and vocabulary study also provides the necessary support to ensure that all Winning Kids are grounded in the technical rules of English, and use the language with accuracy and precision. Oral components are also included in the curriculum.

This course is taught in British English. 

Course Outline


Upper Primary Winning Enrichment is for students in Primary 4 to 6.

The standards of the coursework is lifted in the upper primary years to ensure that Winning Kids are familiar with factual expository writing, opinion and persuasive pieces, formal letter writing, as well as writing imaginative narratives. Weekly guided writing practices ensure that their use of the language is refined and Winning Kids graduate with the ability to express their ideas in clear and concise English.

Comprehension pieces are rich in up-to-date general knowledge that takes children beyond the classroom and Singapore’s borders on a weekly basis. Winning Kids build a vast fund of general knowledge and are thus empowered to engage critically on ideas that drive the world today.

Similar to the Lower Primary programme, the coursework entails weekly essay writing, comprehension, grammar and vocabulary practices.

This course is taught in British English.

Course Outline