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ICL's Team


Teacher Esther

“The greatest joy I get from teaching at ICL comes from witnessing children gain confidence in reading. It has been a delightful journey thus far and I strive to give my best as a teacher in the years to come.”


Teacher Mayvis

“As an eternal optimist, teaching has always been something I profoundly enjoy as nothing is more gratifying than knowing you have the ability to be a positive beacon of hope and encouragement in a child’s life.Teaching is a challenging profession that I find both satisfying and useful for self-development — as one who teaches also learns. At i-CL, I hope to be able to inspire children to dream big, have courage and be resilient in all that they do. After all, as Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”


Teacher Gladys

“Winning Kids all excited and looking forward to my lessons is the greatest source of joy and satisfaction. The positive feedback from parents is also very encouraging.

ICL teaching methodologies and strategies have proven effective in motivating children to read and write with confidence. My Winning Kids enjoy learning and are independent, and creative learners.”


Teacher Phek Imm

“As a teacher with ICL, I have seen how the programmes have helped many children acquire a strong command of the English language and improve in various learning skills. It is such a joy to play a part in guiding a child towards real understanding of various subject matter and seeing their pride in every achievement. These small successes will ultimately lead to overall success in learning!

We believe that every child has the ability to succeed with perseverance and a positive belief that all things are possible!”


Teacher Winifred

“Beyond providing quality academic guidance, educators today play important roles in shaping the values of the next generation. Good values are key to a balanced and fulfilling adulthood. Teaching with ICL allows me to be part of this endeavour and I look forward to making a difference in the lives entrusted into my care. “


Teacher Vanessa

“The best thing about being a teacher with ICL is enjoying the energy and happiness that the children exude. Assisting them with climbing the learning mountains in their lives and making sense of new knowledge motivates me as a teacher. My students never fail to astound me with their thoughts, opinions and unique personalities. Teaching is a continual learning process and I am humbled by the responsibility. Yet, when you love a job, you never really work a day in your life!”


Teacher Jaye

“Preschoolers are curious, vibrant and ready to learn – this is probably the most lovable and exciting age group to work with! The best part of my work with ICL is contributing to the learning process my children undergo. With the support from parents, our students progress steadily through the stages of the programme. It is most rewarding to see them participate actively and knowing that a strong literacy foundation goes a long way in enriching their lives. “


Teacher Cheryl 

“The initiative to problem solve and the ability to learn independently are skills that will play a pivotal role in any child’s life, be it in school or in the future. I believe in the importance of providing children the guidance and space for creative thinking and learning from mistakes. A positive relationship between teacher and student will greatly enhance any child’s learning. At ICL, I strive to learn and upgrade my skills as I teach. Knowing that I am contributing to building many lives brings me an immense sense of contentment and happiness.”


Teacher Richelle

“Teaching in ICL and seeing Winning Kids get excited about learning gives me great joy and satisfaction. Although the journey of a teacher is not always smooth, the knowledge that I can make a real difference motivates me to work hard to inspire my children.

As Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.””


Teacher Hema

“A passion for teaching is something that has driven me to develop my skills and grow as a teacher since early in my academic journey. With I-Creative, I hope to encourage academic learning and personal growth in my students. Active learning and being engaged in the classroom is key. Close feedback and a good relationship with parents and children also allow the teacher to truly contribute to a child’s learning journey.”


Teacher Serene

“I derive immense satisfaction from the children’s interest in learning new words and phrases. ICL’s Winning Kids are eager to share everything they’ve learnt from their extensive reading at home with their classmates. This ensures that there is never a dull moment in class.

My aim is to nurture a life-long love for reading in children, and to show them the usefulness and possibilities of the English language. “


Teacher Yan Ping

“As an educator with ICL, the most satisfying takeaway is being part of my students’ early childhood developmental stages. Developing literacy and celebrating each incremental learning progress with them is a satisfying task. However, the most wonderful thing is watching them become more appreciative and confident individuals.”


Teacher Neetu

“The best part of being a teacher is the opportunity to influence the trajectory of our student’s lives. Teachers make a massive difference in the lives of children and their families. It is my personal goal to create a fun and conducive environment for learning.”


Teacher Celesta

“Affirmation and positive reinforcement create a comfortable learning environment for students, where they would not see learning as chore. In my career with I-Creative Learner, I aim to inspire with my actions by being the individual who I think children would benefit from emulating — a person who engages well with one’s peers and is constantly learning through life, be it in the classroom or beyond. I also hope to motivate my children to make the decision to be the best version of themselves every day.”


Teacher May

“My passion has always been for teaching and nurturing young children. It gives me deep joy and satisfaction to see Winning Kids flourish in the programme. I celebrate when the little ones overcome every learning barrier and their achievements constantly encourage, as well as inspire me. All of these remind me of why I do what I do – to properly raise the next generation of motivated learners.”


Teacher Samantha

“Teaching in ICL allows me to help children develop English literacy with its amazing programme. Witnessing my students making progress and gaining confidence is truly satisfying and motivating. I strive to make a difference in their lives by education both their hearts and minds.”


Winning Teachers bring their own brand of passion and personality to class, breathing life into each lesson.

We are individuals who do not believe in “dead teaching”, but strive to be exceptional in everything we do.

This is the real substance of a Winner.

Build a teaching career at i-CL

i-CL believes that the teaching profession is both meaningful and of profound importance to society’s progress. We are always keen to hear from committed Teachers who appreciate the value of their work and are committed to pursuing excellence.

i-CL has designed the best environment in which career-teachers can build a stable and meaningful career, enjoy flexible work arrangements and receive extremely competitive remuneration.

A Teacher Associate’s (TA) main responsibility is to create a lively and engaging learning environment, and to deliver i-CL’s coursework effectively. TAs are expected to be able to work closely with parents, providing useful feedback on their child’s progress. TAs are not expected to write coursework or set worksheets.

Expected remuneration: 24hr/week – Approx $3200

*Please note that classes are generally held in the evenings during the week  (Mon-Thurs) and on Saturdays.

**ICL schools are closed on Fridays and Sundays.

To apply, please write to:


Applicants must possess satisfactory qualifications and fulfill MOE’s requirements. We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

*Teacher Associates are expected to teach one full weekend per week.