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iCreative Learner Hub (Everton Park)

3.5 - 6 yr olds



“Dear I-Creative Learner Hub (Everton Park),
I was looking for an English enrichment program for my boy Gideon Han who is in Primary 1 this year and happened to chance upon your outlet located at Everton Park.

Gideon has only been with I-Creative since January 2017 and has shown remarkable progress in his grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction skills.

Both Teacher Michelle and Teacher Mayvis have done a wonderful job to guide him on essay writings. The teachers and students brainstormed for ideas, using the scaffolding strategies to help the students convert their thoughts to writing.

I am amazed at the content of the writings that he is able to do at this age. It is really a delight to read them each time he brings it home.

Without much consideration, we also enrolled our elder boy Caleb to the Primary 3 class when Teacher Michelle informed that they will have a new class commencing 2nd Half 2017 .

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to the dedicated teachers. Their passion for teaching and the love for children has certainly made this learning journey very enjoyable.

Parents of Caleb Han (Primary 3) & Gideon Han (Primary 1)”