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iCreative Learner Hub (Hougang Ave 1)

3.5 - 6 yr olds



Dear Mrs Angie Ho,

We are impressed with how well structured and effective the programme at I-Creative Learner as we could see the progression in our child over the past 3 years where he blossom to a confident child who can read, write and spell independently. On many occasions, my child shared how much he enjoys and looks forward to his weekly ICL lessons cause the lesson delivery is conducted in a fun and lively manner.

It is with great pleasure to write a testimonial for Teacher Yan Ping.

As the parents, we find that having a right teacher is as important as having a good programme and good teachers are hard to come by.

We are very glad we made the right decision to send my child to I-Creative Learner where he met Teacher Yan Ping who is a committed and patient teacher that provides regular feedback and advice to help my child in working on his weaknesses as well as building on his strengths, laying a solid foundation and helping him develop a strong interest in English.

You guys made a great difference in the early stage of his study. Thank you so much for all you have done for Ethan. We will continue to send our second born to ICL.

Best Wishes,
Parents of Ethan Lew, ICL Hougang Ave 1 Hub