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Jingru jingrumich
My son started learning English with ICL at the age of 5.
He is a Chinese native speaker. Throughout the 1½ years in ICL, he kept practising his reading skills with the materials and storybooks that were gradually given out to him from ICL. He quickly overcame his feelings of inhibitions when speaking in English. Now, he has cultivated a habit of reading and reads at least 3 storybooks a day now!
His learning to write started from writing speech bubbles to accompany his drawings. He loved and enjoyed the sessions with ICL very much. To improve his writing skills, ICL also provided an adequate amount of homework and study materials that consolidates spelling, vocabulary, grammar and simple comprehension. They also assisted to improve parental involvement in support our children’s learning process.
We are happy with the small class size, where the teacher has a personal understanding of the student’s character and leaning ability. My son was motivated by the rewards earned from the teacher.
We feel great seeing him developing his English skills. We are thankful and really appreciate the teacher’s effort and guidance.
We would definitely like to let Jing Ru continue on in the Winning Primary Enrichment Programme next year.
Thank you.
Best Regards
Mr and Mrs Phong
Parents of Phong Jing Ru
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iCreative Learner Hub (Clementi West)


Hi Mrs Tan,

We are grateful that Kai Jie had an opportunity to join the Winning Crash programme.

I-CL provides effective programmes and it has been proved that my child is able to read by 5 and do creative writing by 6.
After attending this programme, my child shows strong interest in studying and has improved in grammar as well.

Under the guidance of founder Mrs Tan, Kai Jie show improved in reading and her comprehension skills .
Thank you Mrs Tan for her passionate and dedication work towards Kai Jie.

We are strongly recommend this Winning Programmes to the parents who are searching for an English programme for their child.

Thank you
Kai Jie Mummy

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iCreative Learner Hub (Clementi West)



Dear Mrs Tan,

I love the i-Creative curriculum because it is very well structured with experienced teachers and a good teacher to student ratio. I like the “U” shape sitting arrangements for students too.

My boy has greatly benefitted from winning preparatory primary Programme. His creative writing skills and penmanship improved a lot. His grammar knowledge is good and he even can point out grammar mistakes in our conversation. My boy vocabulary is great for his age too.

I am glad that my friend told me about this Programme. Highly recommend this to the parents who are looking for an awesome English Programme for the pre-schoolers. I hope more kids can benefit from this fantastic winning program.

Thank Mrs Tan and Teacher Michelle for helping Hayden to be well-prepared for primary one.

May (Hayden’s Mum)

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