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What’s the difference between i-Creative Learner and other English Literacy Programmes?

Great question!

Our 5 year-old Leanne was accepted into i-Creative Learner Winning Foundation 5 programme barely 3 weeks ago. In the short span of just a few weeks, I hold firm convictions of i-CL’s programme differentiating factors, under the astute guidance of Founder and Chief Principal Mrs Tan and (Chai Chee Hub) Principal Ms Michelle.

Prior to attending i-CL, Leanne would merely flip pages to soak up pictures and drawings in books. Despite her knowing all 26-letter sounds at age 4, I hit a brick wall and felt helpless with no proven roadmap to guide her in her formative years onto formal reading, writing and comprehension. I blamed myself for not being able to effectively teach her word recognition or get her to read on her own at an early age. Unable to gauge my daughter’s interest (or lack of) in reading, writing or comprehension… with a heavy heart I walked through i-CL doors and began engaging with Mrs Tan and Ms Michelle.

A parent’s point of view:

I-CL’s programmes are delivered by passionate educators and thoughtfully designed to help all types of learners with varying proficiencies. In just 3 short weeks, Leanne blossomed to a confident Winning Kid in i-CL Chai Chee. She wears a smile to class weekly and leaves in high spirits with a great sense of accomplishment and confidence. Something truly transformational… almost magical… happens in every 1.5 hr weekly classroom lesson with her peers and Ms Michelle.

After each lesson, Leanne displays an increasing eagerness to read by sounding out words she’d learnt in i-CL independently and even started to put pencil to paper, writing short sentences on her own, attempting to spell and structure sentences as well as, expressing her thoughts confidently. I-CL’s breadth of literacy tools (such as poetry, creative-drawing, worksheets, letter/word games, mini-fan books, supplementary reading books for loan…) and depth of progress evaluation makes the learning journey enjoyable for both parent and child. Winning Parents’ tasks are not onerous, and the teacher-parent close collaboration is something not experienced elsewhere in today’s crowded enrichment centres marketplace.

If you are ready for REAL TRANSFORMATION in literacy foundation, desire REAL RESULTS and UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES for your child from the get-go, sign up for i-CL quality preschool programmes. There are no other similar offerings in the marketplace, not even close.

From a child’s point of view:

“Mommy…Mommy… I want to go to iCreative school EVERYDAY, for ONE HUNDRED days!”

“Can I go to iCreative class TODAY, TODAY, TODAY… PLEASE?”

With pure joy etched on Leanne’s face each time i-Creative Learner is mentioned, how can we stop her?


We’re passionate about spreading this testimonial to everyone and as proud parents we’re honoured to be able to do so. Become the parent you want to be, offer your child the childhood education of language arts play, enjoyment, presence and harmony (in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and visual representation) that you so desire for them, and that they deserve… at i-Creative Learner!

I-CL truly lives up to its vision and belief. We are extremely thrilled and grateful to have found the right partner to race towards the same goal of English Literacy and Language Arts for our Winning Children.

Forever grateful,

Parents of Leanne (K1) & Sean Lim (P2)

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iCreative Learner Hub (Hougang Ave 1)




My daughter could not read independently, could not spell and had little interest in reading, even after attending a popular phonics class for almost a year.

I was recommended to iCreative and saw instant results from the first lesson. She was interested to read together and was excited about classes.

After the third lesson, she started attempting to sound out words that she saw. Soon she was able to read and teacher Yanping was been able to maintain her interest until the last lesson. Her penmanship has also improved tremendously.

Teacher Yanping delivered beyond our expectations. She has managed to not just deliver the effective curriculum, but inspired my daughter and maintained her interest to read, write and helped her to learn how to spell phonetically.

Thank you to all at Icreative Hougang.

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iCreative Learner Hub (Tiong Bahru)





My son, Lai Yu Le, was enrolled to I-Creative at Tiong Bahru with Teacher Ivy when he entered into K2 of his childcare.
Back then, we noticed that his recognition of words and reading were very weak. After hearing good review of I-Creative from a friend, we decided to enroll him.
Within 3 months, Yu Le had shown us significant improvement. He has more confidence in finishing reading a book by himself, and could figure out words through phonics. Spelling words are so much easier to him.
I would also like to thank Teacher Ivy for being so encouraging & caring towards Yu Le throughout 1 year at Tiong Bahru Branch. I believe that the teacher plays a greater part in cultivating interest of learning in a child, and as a result, the child will produce results.
Yu Le’s mummy
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