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iCreative Learner Hub (Tiong Bahru 2016)





Hi Ms Ivy,

I am very glad that I had chosen Winning Crash program with iCreative for my son. In fact, I wished that I had known iCreative much earlier and my older child can benefit from it too when she was his age.
I came to know iCreative through some friends who seen improvements in their children’s reading after attending Winning Foundation 5.

Through this 1 and half years of Winning Crash program, my son was able to  use his phonics to attempt to read any new or complex words. Now, he loves to borrow story books to read and in fact he missed those days in i-Creative when he was asked to bring a story book back home to read. The last term of the K2 Winning Prep was great as it prepared my son for P1. With his improvement, I am not so worried for him when he is in P1 next year.

Lastly, my hubby and I like to thank you for your willingness to spend your precious time to discuss on his progress and share the pointers that we had to take note when he is in P1.

Best Regards,
Gwen (Zi Jie’s mummy)

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iCreative Learner Hub (Tiong Bahru – 2009)



Dear Teacher Ivy

When I read about i-CL’s programme, I knew that this was what I wanted Ian to experience. The programme has lived up to primary expectations critical for his exposure in English. I am glad that I have made the right decision, gone this distance, given Ian this opportunity of maximizing his learning abilities in this programme.
Teacher Ivy is a wonderful teacher. She is firm yet caring towards all her children. She knows her children very well. As parents, we have no issues getting the correct feedback concerning our child’s progress. She is also willing to share her personal experiences to parents who need tips or guidance for their children.
All these years, she has helped Ian achieve the appropriate skill sets of English usage. Ian has become an avid reader and is able to articulate well.
Teacher Ivy, thank you so much! For your efforts, to foster learning and a love for reading in Ian! Ian is very blessed to be under your guidance during his growing years. All the doubts of early learning, coupled with travelling distance were unnecessarily when I know that he looks forward to your class every Saturday!

M/M Tan (Parents of Ian)

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iCreative Learner Hub (Hougang Ave 1 – 2009)



Both my children have attended ICL pre-school program (Sengkang) since they were four years old. My older girl is in Primary 3 now whereas my son is currently attending the P1 Preparation class.

I was truly amazed at my children’s self-motivation and independence to cope with the systematically teaching of reading (through phonics) and writing during the two years of their learning. I remember when my older girl first started ICL back in 2004 when she was barely four years old, I was worried whether she would be able to sit through the 1.5 hours weekly sessions. My worries proved redundant as she was always so eager to share the things that her teacher, Mrs Angela Ho taught her. Though a bit stern-looking, I just have to admit that Angela had the charisma to connect well with children. Needless to say, my son had similar enjoyable learning with Angela too.
I felt the success of ICL program are attributed not only to its well-developed curriculum, but more importantly the way the teachers engage and motivate the children in picking up good English Language skills. I believe a good foundation and fun learning experience for the little ones will bring far more benefits into their formal education in primary school.
Kudos to Mrs Treaz Tan, Mrs Angela Ho and the team of dedicated teachers and I will continue to recommend this program to my nieces, nephews and friends.

Mrs Anita Cheok
Mother of Joanne (9 yrs old) and Samuel (6 yrs old)

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