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Mohd A’riq has been attending i-Creative at Everton Park since early this year.

He enjoyed attending the lessons and it has been a great learning experience even for me as a parent. The lessons conducted at i-Creative has given A’riq more confidence and has better prepare him for the formal English classes at primary school.

What I really like the most is that he is able to express creative ideas when comes to writing. I never failed to be amazed by his weekly mini composition. Additionally, we are exposed to a wider topics or themes that A’riq should know at his level.

I am glad to have chanced upon i-Creative programme as it definitely helps to maximize A’riq’s potential in the language. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the teachers at i-Creative, specifically Teacher Michelle, for making learning fun and fulfilling.

Yours sincerely,
Zura Jamal
(A’riq’s Mummy)
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iCreative Learner Hub (Everton Park)




I-CL Hub (Everton Park) & (Tiong Bahru) —“To whom it may concern,

Vera started I-creative Tiongbahru at age of 5 and it was very rewarding when she developed into an independent reader within 4 months and embraced the art of reading aloud to her younger sister.

Hence, when I-creative @ Everton opened for registration for primary school syllabus, we registered immediately and secured a class with Teacher Michelle on Sat@1.30pm. Through the program and under the guidance of Teacher Michelle, Vera’s writing skills and comprehension skills has improved tremendously. She is able to write fluently and has since refined her test taking skills.

Her comprehension skills allowed her to express her thought clearly especially in speech and writing.

Most importantly, the program has also broadened her understanding of the world! Teacher Michelle makes use of materials like magazine, interesting story books to stimulate interest in learning and it makes it more fun and easy to follow.

I am very pleased with Vera learning progress and I would recommend parents to iCreative when asked.”

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iCreative Learner Hub (West Coast)





My child has been with iCreative since she was 4 years old.  We love the iCreative curriculum for it is very well structured and they have experienced teachers and a good teacher to student ratio.
Cara is now into her 3rd year of the i-CL Primary Enrichment Program and we are thankful to have Teacher Amy teach her again for the 3rd consecutive year.  Teacher Amy is a very experienced, dedicated and patient teacher and Cara loves attending her classes.  We love that the iCL primary program follows very closely to the MOE syllabus but yet offers students a little extras to stretch their potential.
Cara is doing well in school and we feel blessed that we have found a good and affordable program for her.
Thank you Teacher Amy and iCreative!
Josephine Toh
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