Independent Creative Learner

Excellent English Literacy – the foundation of all learning in Singapore


Established in 1994, Independent Creative Learner (i-CL) strives to undergird learning in school with the mastery of the English language.

Children with well-developed oral communication skills will not be able to cope with the demands of Singapore’s national primary school syllabus if they do not possess strong reading and writing skills. i-CL’s core pre-school programme ensures that children are able to read by 5, and delve into creative writing by 6.

Winning Kids then graduate into the primary-level Winning English Enrichment programme, where the focus shifts towards sharpening comprehension skills, i.e., reflective reading with understanding, as well as expressing thought clearly and with precision — both in writing and in speech.

Winning Kids graduate from i-CL programmes with the necessary skills to thrive in any intellectually rigorous academic environment that they are likely to be immersed in during their schooling journeys in Singapore.

Our Programmes

3.5 - 6 YRS OLD
i-CL's early childhood literacy development programmes, the Winning Foundation 5 and the Preparatory Primary, have been exceedingly successful over the past two decades. The coursework has since been refined and every i-CL hub is equipped with excellent facilities to enhance the learning experience of your child and to ensure that the goals of each programme are met.   View Programmes
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7 - 9 YRS OLD
i-CL's Lower Primary Winning English Enrichment programme provides the necessary support to ensure that all Winning Kids are grounded in the technical rules of English, and use the language with accuracy and precision. i-CL's materials are always kept rich in knowledge and from an early age, Winning Kids appreciate that language is ultimately a vehicle for knowledge. This course is taught in British English.     View Programmes
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10-12 YRS OLD
i-CL's Upper Primary Winning English Enrichment is an intensive programme designed to help Winning Kids excel in both school and national exams. Language standards are lifted and materials dealt with on a weekly basis are rich in general knowledge. Empowered with the ability to use English accurately, Winning Kids graduate being able to engage critically on ideas that drive the world today. This course is taught in British English   View Programmes
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Jul 20

Michelle benefited greatly and is now able to blend the words and read independently. She gained competency in spelling and showed a strong interest in both reading and writing. She [read more]
May 26

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